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Groovy Joe, Ice Cream and Dinosaurs - Book Trailer

It is an amazing feeling, for an author of picture books, to see the book trailer of a new book for the first time. It is like watching your imagination jump up and go for a walk. It is incredible how much goes into this little one minute promo. I thought for my first blog I would tell you a little about it.

The extraordinary artwork is created by Tom Lichtenheld and is based initially from what is in the book. I love Groovy Joe's expressions and style. Then the animators add movement. The animation was done at Weston Woods which is part of Scholastic. My favorite part of the animation is watching Groovy Joe dance.

I am the narrator and created the music. The music was produced by Michael Levine at his amazing studio. Michael has worked with me on the music for all my books and all my CDs. The creation of the music for my stories is very joyful. I generally come up with the melody and rhythm on my guitar. Then Michael and I discuss it and explore tempo, style and instrumentation. Each part (instruments and vocals) are recorded separately and placed together. In the end it sounds like we were jamming together as a band.

You can download the music for Groovy Joe, Ice Cream and Dinosaurs at You can also pre-order you book there. The book officially comes out August 30th, 2016. In just a few days! I truly hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing and singing it.

This is my first blog entry. How did I do? Please leave comments and share with friends. I am hoping to communicate more with folks through this blog and social media. If you have topics you would like me to write about please let me know.

Be Well, Eric Litwin

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