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Eric gets his audiences singing and moving. He would love to make your next event joyful and memorable! Eric gives engaging school and family concerts where he brings books to life. He also gives upbeat presentations for teachers on early literacy optimization . Eric also has a inspiring presentation for all adults, using his stories and songs, on how to cultivate positivity even if you accidentally step in a pile of strawberries. 
Schools, Libraries, and Festivals

Because It's All Good! Eric shares his original Pete the Cat read aloud stories, as well as The Nuts, & Groovy Joe. Students sing along, move along, and dance along to the captivating musical stories. Eric also shares how Pete the Cat and his other characters stay positive, loving, and resilient even as things get tough.


Each Performance includes:


  • A 45 minute interactive performance

  • Perfect for schools, libraries, festivals


Click here to inquire about fees and dates for a booking.

Eric Litwin original author of Pete the Cat books.
The Power of Joyful Reading
Educational Keynotes and Workshops


Joyful & Engaging Early Reading! Eric shares how to transform our classrooms and homes into "reading playgrounds" - a space in which children read along to, sing to, dance to, and celebrate words and texts. He also shows how immersing children in joyful and engaging shared reading experiences throughout the day leads them to love books while preparing them for successful reading instruction.

  • Up to 2 hour interactive presentation

  • Keynotes can be paired with breakout workshops

  • Can include book signing for audience

  • In person or virtual

  • Perfect for keynotes and workshops

Click here to inquire about fees and dates for a booking.

Business and Educational Conferences


Happiness Simplifier! Eric has been researching happiness for over twenty years and weaving the ideas into his bestselling children’s books. In this enjoyable presentation, for busy adults, Eric uses his stories and songs to simplify and explain complicated happiness concepts found in neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness. Individuals and teams will walk away ready and able to cultivate positivity even if they accidentally step into a large pile of strawberries.

  • Up to 2 hour interactive presentation

  • Can include book signing

  • In person or virtual

  • Helpful for strengthening a positive work culture, team building, and overall well-being

Click here to inquire about fees and dates for a booking.


In Person Family Concert

Lincoln Center Kids Storytime at the Atrium featuring Eric Litwin

Virtual Family Concert

It's "Because It's All Good!” with Eric Litwin — Scholastic Family Book Fest 2021.

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