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  • Does Eric perform at schools and libraries?
    Yes! Eric loves to perform at schools and libraries. However, he only has a limited amount of time each month. The performances are joyful and engaging and bring books to life. Eric works with preschool and elementary students. He can also speak with your middle school and high school students about happiness and positivity. Please reach out to Eric's assistant Jennifer from the contact page to learn more.
  • May our students send you their letters?
    Yes, Eric loves receiving letters from the children. 1. Please send all the letters in one envelope. 2. Please include a brief cover letter written by the teacher. 3. Please share a little about your class, students and school. 4. Please include the teacher/parents email so he can respond personally. 5. Please include a mailing name and address so we can send a post card. 6. Please let Eric know if your students letters & pictures can be shared on social media. Letters can be sent to: Mr. Eric Litwin PO Box 73145 Washington DC 20056
  • Can you help me get published, find an agent or read my manuscript?
    No. We are sorry. Eric wishes he could. He truly wants you to be successful and share your creative talents with the world. Eric has put together advice for beginning authors. Please see below. -------------------------------- Dear Writer I wish you the greatest success as a writer. Here is my advice as you get started: 1. Write because you love to write. 2. Learn everything you can about writing picture books. 3. Learn everything you can about publishing (which is a business). 4. Join SCBWI, go to meetings and regional conferences. 5. Follow Malcolm Gladwell's advice to put in 10,000 hours to achieve mastery of your craft. 6. Read your stories to children every chance you get. Follow their nonverbal feedback. 7. Study great children's books and find what they have in common. 8. Make sure you're writing has amazing rhythm/meter (think like a musician, drummer). 9. If you use rhyme, do so very well. 10. Develop lovable characters. 11. Focus on imagery, you want the reader to see the story without the pictures. 12. Understand that in the end people forget what they read and remember how they felt. 13. Never give up. 14. Take rejection in stride and follow your gut. Both I Love My White Shoes and Four Groovy Buttons were rejected at first. I kept trying. I hope this is helpful. It is a long journey but worth the effort. Meow for Now Eric Litwin
  • Can I get a signed book?
    Kinda. Eric can sign a book plate that you place in your book. Please contact Jennifer using the contact form to get the mailing address. Click here to go to the Contact page.
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