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Dear Teachers

I am a former teacher. I care deeply about early literacy. My books are written to help children learn to read. 

I model and promote a set of ideas I developed called"Interactive Reading and Books". 

I want to create a resource page for you that is very helpful and pragmatic. Focused on my books, music and ideas. So my question to you is what would you like to see in this resource. And we will build it. 

Lesson plans? 

Training on interactive reading? 

Music videos for the classroom? 

Let's start the conversation. Please share your thoughts as we build this resource for you.

Be Well, Eric and his groovy team ( Jennifer & Becky). 


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Interactive Reading: Eric Litwin's signature approach to early literacy. It means to include traditional reading methods such as sight words and phonetics along with multi-sensory techniques such as music, movement, rhyme, rhythm, call and response, repetition. The children self select their combination of reading strategies and successfully read. 

Interactive Books: Interactive books utilize interactivity in their core structure. An example of interactivity is asking the question, "Did Pet cry?" and the children respond, "goodness no."

Community: Engaging in interactive songs and stories a classroom results in structured and fun shared experiences. This builds classroom community and feeling of safety. This helps with learning. 

Leadership vs Authority: Leadership is power that is voluntarily given to you by the children. Authority is the power you derive from your position. Authority is a limited resource and runs out. Leadership is an unlimited resource. When you lead your students in interactive songs and stories you build your leadership skills and status. 

Engagement: This is the process of getting the students engaged in learning. Interactive techniques are very effective tools for engagement. Without engagement very little learning is occurring. 

Prediction: Multi-sensory techniques such as rhyme, rhymes, call and response, repetition, music and movement result in children being able to predict and decode words and sentences. Prediction when combined with sight words and phonetics is very empowering for the emerging reader. 

The Importance of Reading:  The most effective way for children to improve their reading skills is by reading. We want their faces in books as much as possible. This leads to learning from "practice" and "immersion". It is the most effective way emerging readers develop their skills. 

Skill Development: There is nothing wrong with skill development such as vocabulary lessons and phonetic training. However, it will not be effective for many reluctant readers. More so, it is not a substitute for actually "reading". The more kids read the better readers they become. 

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