Reading My Books Online During Social Distancing

Dear Teachers, Librarians, Parents, and All Caregivers


Thank you for your dedication to your students/children. It is essential we keep reading together. This is deeply compassionate. It also promotes reading skills, as well as cognitive and social-emotional development. Remember, the more fun the more learning. 

I would be delighted if you read my books online to your students/children. Here are my basic guidelines: 

1. Show yourself reading the book, not just the book. This is really about you reading to your students. 

2. Give full credit to author, artist, and publisher. 

3. Do not monetize in any way. For example, do not have adds or anything else that is profitable. 

However, I am not the full owner of the copyrights of the books. The artists have also given their permission. And, I work with three publishers who have given their permission based on the guidelines below for each series of books. Please read through the publishers guidelines for each series you wish to read online. 

1. Original four Pete The Cat books written by Eric Litwin in blue. 

2. Groovy Joe books in green. 

3. The Nut Family books in red. 

Be Well, Stay Safe, and Keep Reading! 

Eric Litwin 

1. Original Four Pete the Cat Books by Eric Litwin: 


You are welcome share the original four Pete the Cat books with your students. Be sure to get the kids involved and keep it interactive even if this is being done online. Remember, the more fun and engagement the more learning


Here are Harper Collins official guidelines: 

Dear Educators and Librarians


In this unusual time, we are heartened by the fact that so many people are doing things to try to enrich the community while they are staying home in efforts to slow down the coronavirus. We think this type of content will be valuable not only to the children themselves, but to the parents who are seeking to occupy their children under extreme circumstances.

We are granting permission to educators and librarians to read HarperCollins Children’s Books titles online, on video, through the end of the school year. These virtual readings may be streamed live via digital platforms, or if recorded, posted to closed educational platforms. If a closed platform is unavailable, recorded videos of readings may be uploaded to YouTube as long as they are marked “Unlisted”. We ask that any educators or librarians performing or posting readings please do the following, as conditions of this grant of permission:

  1. At the beginning of the reading, state it is “with permission of HarperCollins Children’s Books”.

  2. Send their name, school or library, city and state, and the title and author/illustrator of the book

    they intend to read online to

  3. Delete uploaded or archived videos or, in the event the applicable platform does not permit

    deletion, disable access to uploaded videos, by the December 31st, 2020.

This permission grant is to best serve the community of readers out there who need us right now.


We will be offering this type of content on our own HarperCollins social channels as well.  HarperKids, ShelfStuff, Epic Reads and HarperStacks will all be offering content on a weekly basis. We will be announcing more on that soon.


Best regards,


Suzanne Murphy

President & Publisher




2. Groovy Joe: 


You may share Groovy Joe books with your students. Have fun and give them a chance to get involved even if they are online. Here are the official guidelines from Scholastic to read my Groovy Joe books. 

Guidelines from Scholastic


Dear Author,

These are challenging times for all of us and we are particularly sensitive to the needs of children to continue their learning and to reap the many benefits that literature brings them. We at Scholastic are in full support of providing a wide range of online learning activities for kids during this time of school closures. If you haven’t yet, please check out our Scholastic Learn At Home initiative for educators, administrators, and families. 

We have been moved by the numerous requests we’ve received from our authors who are trying to address these needs by posting readings of books online for children to access. We want to support you in your efforts and ask that if you choose to read your book online to children you follow these guidelines:


  1. At the beginning of your video, please state that you are presenting your reading “with permission from Scholastic.”

  2. Our preference is that you post your reading in a closed group or platform with limited access to your followers. However, we recognize this may not be possible, in which case you may post it through a more publicly accessible platform, such as YouTube.

  3. Since we view this as a way to compensate for the closure of schools, please delete your video or disable access by the end of this current school year, no later than June 30, 2020.

  4. Please reply to with your name, city and state, and the title and author/illustrator of the book you intend to read online.  By posting a reading, you are agreeing to abide by the above terms.

5.     Finally, we would love to follow along with your read-aloud, so please tag Scholastic's social media handles in any posts affiliated with it!

Twitter: @Scholastic

Instagram: @ScholasticInc

Facebook: @Scholastic

YouTube: @Scholastic


Thank you for all you are doing to help children and their families through this difficult time.



3. The Nut Family Books

I would love for you to read The Nut Family Books with your students. Have fun and give the children an opportunity to sing and tell the story with you. The more fun and engagement the more learning. Here are the guidelines from Little Brown Books. 

Guidelines from Little Brown Books

With the rapid increase of school closures and many schools transitioning to remote learning, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers has received numerous requests from teachers across the country asking for permission to post readings of books online for their students to access. We are in awe of your efforts to adapt to the changing needs of your students, and we want to support you. We ask that if you read an LBYR book online to your students that you follow a few short guidelines:


  • Please note at the onset of the video that you are reading with permission from Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

  • Please only post your video through your school’s private platform or through another closed group or platform with limited access for only your students.

  • Please delete your video or disable access within 30 days.

  • Please send your name, school, city, and state, as well as the title and author/illustrator of the book(s) you intend to read online to

  • By posting a reading, you are agreeing to abide by the above terms.


Please tag our social media handles in any posts affiliated with your readings—we’d love to see them!

  • Twitter: @lbschool

  • Facebook: @littlebrownschool

  • Instagram: @littlebrownyoungreaders


Thank you for all of your incredible work to support students and families during an uncertain time.

   © 2016 Eric Litwin 

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