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Original Author of Pete the Cat,
The Nuts, & Groovy Joe! 

Eric Litwin is a song singing, guitar strumming, # 1 New York Times best selling, award winning author who brings early literacy, music, and positivity together. He is the original author of the Pete the Cat series as well as the author of The NutsGroovy Joe, and The Poop Song. Eric is also the co-author of The Power of Joyful Reading: Help Your Young Readers Soar to Success, a popular professional development book for teachers. Eric's books promote optimism and get the reader engaged. They have sold over 13 million copies, been translated into 17 languages, and won 26 literacy awards including a Theodor Geisel Seuss Honor Award. Eric is a popular presenter giving engaging performances and keynotes across the country on early literacy and positivity.

Photo by Erin Scott

Because It's All Good! (concert) Eric shares his original Pete the Cat read aloud stories, as well as The Nuts, & Groovy Joe. Students and families sing along, move along, and dance along to the captivating musical stories. Eric also shares how Pete the Cat and his other characters stay positive and loving even as things get tough.

Joyful & Engaging Early Reading! (keynote/workshop) Eric shares how to transform our classrooms and homes into "reading playgrounds" where children read along to, sing to, dance to, and celebrate words and texts. He also demonstrates how children who are immersed in joyful and engaging shared reading experiences throughout the day grow to love books and are prepared for successful reading instruction.

Happiness Simplified! (keynote/workshop) Eric has been researching happiness for over twenty years and weaving the ideas into his bestselling children’s books. In this enjoyable presentation, for busy adults, Eric uses his engaging children's stories and songs to simplify and explain happiness concepts found in neuroscience, positive psychology, and mindfulness. Helpful for strengthening a positive work culture, team building, and overall well-being.

Eric's Story

Eric is a former classroom teacher. One morning he walked past a kindergarten classroom and noticed how joyful and enthusiastic the students appeared. One little girl hugged her favorite book like a baby. Then he past a third grade classroom. The students did not seem so engaged. Many appeared bored and anxious. Eric was deeply concerned and wanted to understand what happened between kindergarten and third grade? Where did the the love of reading and learning go? He began writing musical stories to help children fall in love with books and develop a positive outlook. These stories would become his first published books. Now Eric's books are found in classrooms and homes across the country and world. They have helped thousands and thousands of children learn to read, love books, and stay positive.

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