Be A Health Nut Challenge! 

Dance your way to great health with the "Be a Health Nut Challenge". This healthy challenge encourages students to dance and read every day! 

What a GREAT way to introduce The Nuts, Keep Rolling by Eric Litwin and illustrated by Scott Magoon. 

How it Works

Classrooms/school will build their own Health Nut Tree. 


It is composed of twelve 8.5 by 11 sheets of paper each with a small piece of the tree (see pieces below). Teachers/students print the pieces, place them together like a puzzle and color them in as they wish! 

Every time your students do a FUN and HEALTHY, the Nut Family Dance you add a nut to the tree. 

When your tree reaches the number of nuts you set out to achieve then you WIN!  You are officially Health Nuts and you receive your own Certificate of AchieveNut!  

Click Here to Download PDFs and JPEGs

for Certificate of AchieveNut

Be a Health Nut Poster and The Nut Tree Template!

   © 2016 Eric Litwin 

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