The Keep Rolling Dance Contest
  • Win a FREE School visit from Eric Litwin  
  • Win signed copies of The Nuts, Keep Rolling
  • Win FREE compliments! 
  • Earn a certificate of AchieveNut!
  • Have FUN
  • Contest runs April 18th to May 16th 2017. 
Keep Rolling Dance - Eric Litwin
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Eric teaches the dance at Jackson Hole Elementary in Wyoming! 

The Prizes:


1. The Book: The top five finalist will win a signed copy of The Nuts, Sing and Dance in Your Polka-Dot Pants. 


2. Free Compliments and a Certificate of AchieveNut: All entries get free and plentiful compliments from our Nutty Complimenters Team. These compliments will be posted on the contest facebook page under your video. And you will receive an official certificate of AchieveNut to fill out for your school and dancers.


3. FREE AUTHOR VISIT: One entry will win a visit/performance from Eric Litwin. This can be at a local school, library, community center or book store. Eric will give a 45 minute performance at your selected location. The performance is free including Eric's travel expenses. Eric can only travel within the United States for this contest (sorry big world).


How do You Win: Videos will be judged, by our volunteer nutty judges on creativity, execution and public appeal.

Please review this webpage to learn about the Dance Contest. Then register. 

Enter the Contest - Ten easy guidelines. 


In a Nut Shell - Learn the dance, make a video of the dance, enter the contest. 


1. Who Can Enter: The contest is open to teachers and their students, librarians and their students, book store owners/employees and their patrons, parents and their children. You may have as few or as many dancers in the video as you wish. The video may feature only children, children and adults, or only adults. It is up to you.


2. Parental Permission: All children in your video must have written parental or legal gardian permission to be in the video. You will be ask to verify this on the contest entry form. You may use your current school permission/release forms if you are submitting the video entry as a representative of your school.


3. Learn the Dance: Learn the dance moves. Watch our demostration videos. Remember to have fun and be creative. You may use our moves or make up your own. We LOVE creativity and enthusiasm. 

4. Contest Sign: Near the beginning of the video please display a sign that says "The Keep Rolling Dance Contest".  It only needs to be displayed for a few seconds.  It can be big or small (as long as it can be read). You may hold up an actual sign (typed or hand made). Or you may add the words to the begining of your video using video editing features. It is up to you.


5. Show Book Cover: At some point in the video show the front cover of the book The Nuts, Keep Rolling. It only needs to be displayed for a few seconds. You may show the actual book (if you have a copy) or print a copy of the front cover and show that. You can download a picture of the front cover of The Nuts, Keep Rolling here. 


6. Download the Song:  You may burn it to a CD or play it from your computer. Download The Keep Rolling Dance using the music player below. 


7. Make Your Video: Make your AWESOME video. Have FUN! Videos will be judged, by our volunteer nutty judges on creativity, execution and public appeal.


8. Share on Social Media: Share your video on your favorite social media account, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram (preferably all three).  Be sure to tag the video with #keeprolling.  All videos will be shared to the contest Facebook page, 


9. Include Links: When possible, please include links to the contest websites:,,


10. Submit your Entry:

  • Each video entry must have an adult in charge. They are the entry-contact.

  • The entry is digital so there will be nothing to mail or fax.

  • The entry-contact must be a teacher, librarian, book store employee or parent of the children in the video. 

  • Entries must  be submitted between April 18th and May 16th. 

  • Submit your entry here.

                          Have questions? No worries. Contact the Contest Admin, Becky Daniels at

The Keep Rolling Dance - Dance Moves

Chorus: Keep Rolling, Keep Rolling, Keep Rolling

Turn to the side while rolling hands and clap three times 

Verse 1. Take a baby step, take a baby step, take a baby step and stop (2x)

Take a baby step to one side three times and then stop, then three steps back

Verse 2.Take a little hop, take a little hop, take a little hop and stop (2x)

Take a little hop to one side three times and then stop, then three hops back

Bridge (music only): Turn in circle while rolling your fingers then clap. Back the other way and hands to the side. 

Verse 3. Do a little this, do a little that, do a little this and stop (2x)

Classic disco move with arm and finger pointing up

You may use our moves or make up your own!

It's all GOOD! 

Mr. Eric teaches and demonstrates The Keep Rolling Dance

Last Years Winners Dozier Elementary Teach the New Dance! 

   © 2016 Eric Litwin 

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